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Selling your Property-Speeding up the Process

Selling your property has become a more complicated process in recent years. There are a number of steps you can take to speed up the sale which you should consider when you have decided to sell. These will assist your solicitor in preparing a contract quickly and sending it out to the purchaser’s solicitor.

The steps are as follows;

  1. You will need to produce a BER cert. If you bought your house in recent years then there may be a BER cert with your title documents but if not you will need to obtain one. There are registered BER certifiers and if you have an auctioneer engaged he/she will be able to arrange this for you.
  1. An LPT print out in respect of residential property will be required showing payment of all local property tax for the years 2103 to date of sale.
  1. If the house is your private residence then you need to furnish a Certificate of Exemption from non-principal private residential tax. If it is a second property then the relevant document is a Certificate of Discharge. These certs are issued by the Local Authority and to arrange you need to contact the NPPR section of the local authority in which the property is situate and they will advise of what documents they require to issue the relevant certificate.
  1. If the property is let then your solicitor will require a copy of the Letting Agreement and, in the case of residential property, evidence that it is registered with the Residential Tenancies Board.
  1. If you have carried out any works to the property which required planning permission or compliance with Building Regulations then you need to furnish to your solicitor a copy of the relevant planning documents and you may need to engage an architect or engineer to certify compliance.
  1. Another document your solicitor will need to furnish is a Family Home Declaration. To this end a copy of your marriage certificate will be needed and if divorced or separated a copy of your Divorce Decree or Separation Agreement.
  1. If the property is a commercial property then evidence of payment of commercial rates and water rates will be required.
  1. If your house is serviced by a septic tank you need to furnish evidence of registration with the Local Authority.
  1. If you are selling an apartment then furnish evidence of payment of the service charge and advise your solicitor of the name and address of the Managing Agent.

Being organised is half the battle when you are selling and if you can deal with these items even in advance of getting a purchaser it will help to smooth the way to a successful sale.

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Published On: October 13, 2020

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