John P Shaw

John P Shaw
John P ShawConsultant

John P Shaw is a valuable Consultant in Local Authority Law, including planning and environmental matters. He plays a key role in several MHP practice areas, including Commercial Litigation; Environmental & Planning and Public, Regulatory & Administrative Law.

John has acted as the County Solicitor for the County of Clare for over 30 years, including judicial review/injunction cases arising mainly from planning and environmental issues. He has also advised the County Council on the adoption of five iterations of the Clare County Development Plan.

John has acted in numerous professional negligence claims on behalf of both prosecutor and defence. He has represented many private clients in high-profile actions as well as in the Moriarty Tribunal, the Planning Tribunal and Banking Inquiries.

John is a past President of the Law Society of Ireland 2014 and is a member of the Law Society of Northern Ireland. He has served on the Law Society Council for over 20 years, where he chaired the future of the Law Society Task Force and chaired the Complaints Committee of the Law Society for over five years.

As a highly experienced solicitor since his admission in 1984, John brings much expertise to the area of implementing and advising on fair procedures. His experience in Local Authority law is unparalleled. As a serving director of a charitable and commercial company, John brings a social and commercial aspect to legal problem-solving.